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Hi Ladies

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Macbeth77 Mon 13-Mar-17 09:43:13

This site has been a godsend with the whole 40 and ttc. I didn't think we would start ttc so earnestly now that 40 has almost sprung up but hubby and i had a good heart to heart a few months ago and decided that we would see what happened. To be honest though I do think one of us is not very fertile and we are at the stage of starting tests or letting it be. We have a 13 year old wonderful daughter who was sadly followed by a MC a year later and since then nothing not even oh my god my period is late panic moment!! I think one of us is popping blanks either my eggs or hubbys swimmers 😂
Take this month for example, first month in 12 years where I thought this could be it. Weird cramping and pinching sensations, fatigue, lots of wet CM the week after ovulation which is not like me, no PMS symptoms and increased libido the week before AF was due which normally by that time hubby wouldn't risk coming near me with a 10 foot barge pole. Last period started the 16th February and I normally have a 26 day cycle. We dtd lots over ovulation but time and CM was good ovulation time CM. I was so sure, I did a cheap internet test and BFN. Thought that's it, had 2 little spots on Saturday and nothing until brown discharge on Sunday afternoon which increased to a light period by evening. Not due AF until Tuesday It's a bit heavier today but nothing like my usual period and no pms but still feeling sick in the mornings. Anyway will see what happens over the next couple of days, think my body is having a right laugh seeing as I have sacrificed wine the past 2 weeks just in case!! Xxx

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