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Over 2 weeks late need help

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mssunshine79 Mon 13-Mar-17 09:34:38

I am ttc no 2. I am currently 2 weeks late. I had a pos opk and ewcm and i ff confirmed o using my temps on the 15th jan. 3 dpo i did have a slight fever with a cold but i carried on temping and even when i was well my temps stayed high. My chart is this hopefully the link works lol

Anyway i have tested several times . My doc did a test on fri and and bfn. The doc couldnt say since i had confirmed o where af is she just said it will arrive. I give expecting af to arrive any minute. I realised if i hadnt od after all i am due to o on fri. Started doing opks and they are getting darker and they were neg last week. O is due fri or sat and they are nearly positive. I thought better restart my temps as if given up and my temp is as high as it was post o do looks like my temp has been up all this time. I dont have loads of symptoms but in my 1st pg i got palpatations and im getting them for no reason a lot. I did have a funny taste in my mouth but thats gone so has nausea but i have a pinch on one side and i remember thats what i felt in early pg. I still get that a few times a day every day. I was crampy a week ago i expect af to arrive but nothing. I am due to see the doc next week as been ttc for over 2 yrs so i know if af not arrived they would do bloods then but am i kidding myself? Should i keep testing? Never had this before at all. Should i just believe the doc and i hadnt od and keep testing with opks? I never have todays temp pre o even in summer

mssunshine79 Mon 13-Mar-17 09:41:16

Oh and also had lose bowels every day at least once sometimes 3 for 2 weeks which is weird as i am not ill but doc wasnt interested

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