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Straw poll if you were pregnant with these things

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maialady Sun 12-Mar-17 17:42:56

Have 2 dc, ds1 is 3 years and ds2 is almost 9 months.

I've been a prize idiot, we had a absolute nightmare 6.5 months of severe colic and we finally have a lovely happy baby who sleeps great. I stopped bf at 4m due to it so was on pop. No issues with the pill. A few weeks ago our cleaner was doing bathroom and she must've picked up the pill packet and it went to the bin.

I noticed later that day when I was I the bathroom and thought oo I best get more tomorrow. Unfortunately my toddler was ill during the night so all organized thought went out the window the next day.

Fast forward a week or so ( it was last Sunday ) when I felt a bit of cramping. I and sore boobs. Realized I was probably ovulating, then suddenly remembered I dtd on Thursday/ Wednesday late,I think. Oh fuck was my response.

2 days ago I had some spotting that started red then the next day brown and a bit of cramping , I though yay early period, but it has stopped.

What do you think, obviously I'll be testing Friday onwards ish when ics's arrive in post. But who
Thinks it's likely that it was implantation or just pre af no pill stuff.?

AppleFlapjack Sun 12-Mar-17 17:45:07

It could be post pill stuff. I came off the pop about 5 weeks ago and im still spotting/cramping and getting a day of what id normally get on day 1 of my period then back to nothing again.

pillowcase6 Mon 13-Mar-17 03:31:43

I would hope it's just post-pill adjustment too.. but would also be crapping myself. Hope you get a result you're happy with.

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