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advice please - pcos treatment uk

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Almondmilk Sun 12-Mar-17 15:51:06

Hello all,
I have discovered that I have PCOS around two months ago. I stopped the pill in May and realised that I had no periods. Last appointment with the gynaecologist was around one month ago. She said I should wait 6 more months before I start a treatment to help me ovulate. This was in Scandinavia and I am now in the UK. I am 34 and I think it's starting to become urgent. Anyone can tell me how to proceed here to get help conceiving?

Almondmilk Sun 12-Mar-17 15:51:39

Oh, I am in South London btw!

mistletoeprickles Mon 13-Mar-17 07:39:24

I'll happily tell you about my experience but my experience to concieve a second child so could be different.

Firstly the GP prescribed met for min, it doesn't agree with me but was something to try whilst I waited for the referral to a consultant.

First consultant meeting check both our BMI etc, arranged an ultra sound for me and sperm analysis for DP. He did say usually he'd check tubes and womb lining but I'd had minor surgery with the last 12 months so he wasn't going too.

Once ultrasound and sperm result were back we were prescribed clomid. Only 6 cycles of clomid are allowed as there is very little research into the effects it can have after this period.

There is another drug like clomid which is letrazole which again the nhs allow 6 cycles off.

I had 6 clomid cycles (2 m/c) I then tried letrazole but I was evil on it so that was a no go. I went back to the consultant who said I could have another 3 cycles but at my own risk then we would be looking at ivf and as I have a child the nhs wouldn't fund. I was lucky enough to fall pregnant on cycles 2 and baby is cooking away nicely.

Expect a lot of tests before treatment actually begins flowers

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