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AF now 3 days late but no real BFP. Any positive words or stories?

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Justwaitingforaline Sun 12-Mar-17 13:55:55

TTC baby 1. AF is now 3 days late. My app said I ovulated on the 23rd but I think it was more likely to be the 26/27th due to ewcm then. We BD 24/02, 26/02, 27/02, 28/02 and 01/03. Had what I thought was a faint positive this morning but I can't be sure ( see photos, one compared to one from the day before ) if I did or if my eyes are just seeing what I want them to.
Symptoms include:
Back pain
Enlarged and achey boobs
Unhappy stomach
Very sensitive ( I cried watching a completely non emotional series last night and this morning)
Peeing a lot more
CM went creamy and now it's almost like ewcm again.

Am I out? Did anyone get a BFP after AF was late?

Justwaitingforaline Sun 12-Mar-17 15:24:09


ricecrispies16 Sun 12-Mar-17 16:01:16

I've just posted something similar. Been having a mixture of positives and negatives for 5 days now, I'm 4 days late, so confusing isn't it

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