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Why else would this be?

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Composteleana Sun 12-Mar-17 12:34:40

DP and I are kind of not hugely trying but not actively seeking to prevent getting pregnant at the moment, though as nothing has happened in 18 months or so it's time to step things up, to be honest I'm concerned that it's not going to happen for us - I'm 37 and never been pregnant.

Anyway, my period 'started' on Tuesday, day 31 this cycle, which is about normal for me, but was only a little light bleeding for 1 day (not even the whole day really). As I've been feeling shattered and just generally off I did wonder if the bleed was implantation bleeding. Took a test yesterday - a boots one which I've heard are very good. Negative.

Still not come on, though I do have some symptoms of it being due. I guess time will tell. Any other reasons why my period would stop and then start? It's not unusual for me to bleed for a few days, not for one day say, then start again, or to start very light, think it's over then come on full flow (sorry tmi) but this pattern is very new. I guess I'm just worrying that my periods are so odd it may make it even harder to conceive, and I want to start ovulation testing but I'm struggling to work out my average cycle length or what day to start from.

Littleonek Sun 12-Mar-17 13:39:47

I had this last month, with cramps lasting the whole week. Did lots of pregnancy tests and I was defo not pregnant.

Periods can randomly change without a reason. Normally it can be stress or aniexty related. Even on the pill I had a few months when my period lasted two days. Relax and it will be normal again soon! smile

Composteleana Sun 12-Mar-17 14:16:36

Thanks littleone! Hope it gets back to normal so we can start tracking a bit better and ttc more seriously. Have to admit I'm sort of hoping the test was wrong and my period won't come, but that's very unlikely!

Littleonek Sun 12-Mar-17 16:22:46

Thanks smile this will be my third month with no proper period so hopefully it all goes back to normal soon! smile

Composteleana Sun 12-Mar-17 18:37:44

It's frustrating isn't it? I've downloaded a tracking app and bought the ovulation skills but I'm not sure what to start tracking from sometimes, it says "full red flow" but feel like my interpretation of that might be different to others.

Either way, this month is definitely unusual, the one day and then nothing is rare, and I've still not started again. Keep thinking I can detect pregnancy 'symptoms' but they're just as likely to be pmt symptoms. I feel a bit queasy but not sure if I'm imagining it,

Again, time will tell, I'm not sure which outcome I'm hoping for (lies, I definitely know which but I'm trying to soften the blow when I inevitably come on).

Composteleana Mon 13-Mar-17 10:03:40

2nd negative test today, still no bleeding so guess I'll just have to try again once they're normal

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