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Thread 27. TTC #1 - we're stressed, we're fed up, we're bitter but I promise this will all be worth it when we're holding our precious babies

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AlexiaB Sat 11-Mar-17 11:00:44

Calling all OPK-ers, Temp-ers, Clomid-ers, Femara-ers, IUI-ers, IVF-ers and anyone else on the TTC #1 Bus.

We've been going a while now so the novelty has worn off and we're slightly battle scarred and bruised in the cervix area. We don't get a lot of baby dust in these here parts, we just keep it legs spread and fingers crossed (LSFX). We love a baby bomb from a prior bus-mate but if we get told to 'just relax and enjoy it' ONE MORE TIME you will get a punch in the face!

Here's our Grad's Thread. May 2017 lead us all to upduffed heaven and the Grad's thread, amen.

Hop on board, post your stats and prepare to be dazzled by the wealth of TTC knowledge we long-timeys have to share...

HS - have/had sex
GOS - good old shag
ELH - enthusiastic lavatory happenings
LSFX - legs spread, fingers crossed

AlexiaB Sat 11-Mar-17 11:05:07

Welcome girls!

The picture is for Jam, Geeup, Kath, Pjs, kwick and anyone else doing or contemplating IVF wink

Cycle 23

Resident temping guru, Femara user and long time ttc-er who wants nothing more than a sticky BFP for us all!

AlexiaB Sat 11-Mar-17 11:11:47

CD2* lol

Pyjamas81 Sat 11-Mar-17 11:40:23

Sorry posted on the other thread -

Age - 36
Cycle 10

Londonjam Sat 11-Mar-17 12:04:33

Alexia 😂 that picture I love it

Also your advice on the previous thread - amen to that. That was your FUCK YOU AF night pyjamas and you are absolutely entitled to it. Does your DH get AF ? No. No they don't get period hormones or cycles or symptom spotting or OPKs or any of this shit. I'm not saying it doesn't impact on them because clearly it does - but they don't go through what we do - and we have to be able to have a break and let our hair down.

I'm so glad you had so much fun with your friends. You sound like a really fun loving person to be around - and I would guess that's probably one of the reasons your DH fell in love with you.

Putting his ring in the safe is SO petty and passive aggressive 😠😠😠 you made those vows together when you exchanged rings that you would support each other through sickness health - now the shit has hit the fan and where is he and his support??

I am honestly just twiddling my thumbs today as DH is in America so would love to meet you and be a shoulder to cry on if you need it. I'm in north London, you would be very welcome to come over and have a big pot of tea hot cross bun and chat.

Londonjam Sat 11-Mar-17 12:06:55

Forgot my new thread roll call.

I'm londonjam and 33 years of age on my 16th cycle TTC with my dear husband. We have low morphology and are waiting to join the NHS waiting list for IVF. Considering overseas paid options but purchasing our first property so not exactly rolling in cash right now.

Hello everyone ✋🏼

hanna87 Sat 11-Mar-17 12:11:26

Hey All!
Im 30
Ttc #1, cycle 2..cd15!
Finding this all quite nerve wracking

Kathrino Sat 11-Mar-17 12:12:43

That picture made me laugh so much Alexia. Thanks for the new thread and I'm sorry you're finding it so tough right now flowers

AF is MIA on CD 33 of cycle 15. Very white BFN this morning though so think it's just screwing with me.

Below average morphology here so looking at starting IVF in a few months. Current plan is to hold out until September and enjoy a summer of fun.

Sending you lots of love pyjamas <3

Binkybunny13 Sat 11-Mar-17 13:02:38

Thanks Alexia for the new thread. Settling in (pretty sure I'm not going anywhere soon!)

I'm binky
Cycle 8
CD35- longest cycle to date is 38days so not going near a test til then
Had a fanjo cam scan yesterday and look to have cystic ovaries, although she did say it looks like I may have ovulated this cycle so after being a grumpy cow yesterday am trying to hold onto that as a positive

Thanks for all the positive messages you sent girls- you are such a supportive bunch and I feel so lucky to be a part of this group 😘

WingingIt83 Sat 11-Mar-17 13:32:13

thanks for another thread alexia

WingingIt (although certainly not anymore as temping and opking all over the place)grin

Age 33
Cycle 13

Surrounded by pregnant people in real life so getting to end of tether! 2nd gp appointment in 10 days.

harrietm87 Sat 11-Mar-17 13:36:11

Thank you alexia!

Age 30, ttc#1 (obvs)
Cycle 2 after a long break, cd27 but only 6dpo.
2 chemicals/early miscarriages out of 3 cycles total trying. Hoping this is just a bad coincidence.

HepKestrel Sat 11-Mar-17 13:36:57

Age: too old
Cycle: too many

Am lurking this cycle as trying to take a low stress attitude. Currently 7dpo approx.

HepKestrel Sat 11-Mar-17 13:39:33

Love love the photo though!!!

Angelwings01 Sat 11-Mar-17 13:52:26

Cycle #11
Age 24
TTC #1
3 MC

Hi ladies , thought I'd join you all. I'm new to the mumsnet community lol. Just found out I'm having my 3rd MC , jumping back on the fun (ha! Not) TTC bus once more.

Angel x

QuietTime Sat 11-Mar-17 14:34:43

Thanks for the thread, Alexia - nice photo ;)

Cycle #3
Age 32
CD 14, just going into TWW

Used opk for first time this month, so hopefully have better idea about cycle :s

glitteryvibes Sat 11-Mar-17 14:47:39

Thanks alexia for the new thread, sorry your feelling down atm.

Age 27
Cycle 3
CD 20, 6dpo
due af/bfp 18/3

angel welcome, sorry to hear about your third MC. hope you are holding out as well as can be expected. Hopefully they will investigate and you will find out why this keeps happening now?

pyjamas really hoping you are your dh are back on track after youve written it all down and got to the bottom of whats going on. cry as much as you need too.

KerryLeanne84 Sat 11-Mar-17 14:49:59

Thanks for the new thread Alexia! You can't beat a cat pic.

I'm Kerry


Cycle #24? I've been off the pill two years but had no clue about ovulation etc and didn't start tracking till Jan 16, so my app is on cycle #15.

#CD32, period currently AWOL - but tests are BFNs thus far. I am due to start IUI before moving onto IVF if that doesn't work.

KerryLeanne84 Sat 11-Mar-17 14:52:00

Angelwings01 - so sorry to hear about your miscarriages

KerryLeanne84 Sat 11-Mar-17 14:56:02

I just rounded my age up - I turn 33 in June!

Pyjamas81 Sat 11-Mar-17 14:58:36

He gave me his letter then went out to a friend's birthday, he's going to read mine later and we'll talk about it tomorrow. I'm genuinely bewildered by his - he's written it like a report and like it's for someone else instead of written to me e.g. "We went to a fertility clinic in November due to (my name)'s concerns about her age and the impact this might have on our chances to conceive a child" and "I would like (my name) to find professional help to understand what is behind her need to drink excessively. If (my name) gets help I will see that as a sign that she is serious about me and our marriage and I'll start wearing my wedding ring again." WTF. Mine was completely heartfelt and I poured my soul into it and I get a clinical account of my actions.

harrietm87 Sat 11-Mar-17 14:58:37

glittery we are cycle twins! I'm also testing 18/3. Hoping not to symptom spot this week as don't think we HS enough this cycle thanks to messed up FW/delayed ovulation.

glitteryvibes Sat 11-Mar-17 15:13:38

no way pyjamas that is totally not on. why o why has he written it in that way??? why does he even think you need help with drinking? from what i gather on here you dont seem to go out and drink that much and not when it really matters (fw/tww). hopefully when he reads your letter he will see the way he wrote his is not on and will come back with another attempt more worthwhile your time reading. You do not deserve to be treated like shit because of one slightly drunken night. jeeze, the last time i drank a large amount i threw up way more than once over the space of 24hours, it didnt make me an addict, it just meant i had gone on a binge, which every so often is not a crime!

harriet hoping to last until the 18- previous LP have been 11 days which would be 16/3 but 18/3 is based on my usual 26 day cycle. i dont have any symptoms to spot at current anyhow so pretty boring at present. we only managed o-4, o-3, o and o+1 in the fw this time due to dp being away/back late in the middle.

Kathrino Sat 11-Mar-17 15:14:59

WTF pyjamas? Firstly, what a totally odd way to write such an important letter. Secondly, you only drink during AF don't you? So for 3 weeks a month, you don't have anything? How on earth does that suggest you have an alcohol problem? I'm pretty sure the NHS has got better things to do than treat people who go out for a few drinks once a month or so. Did he grow up with alcoholics at all? My ex did and he found it hard to understand what a 'normal' level of drinking was.

Kathrino Sat 11-Mar-17 15:16:16

Also, welcome to hanna and angel. I'm really sorry about your miscarriages angel, are you having any investigations to find out why? It must be so hard.

Pyjamas81 Sat 11-Mar-17 15:22:35

That's right kath - I only drink when AF comes and Thursday night was the first proper big night since Christmas. I'm seriously starting to doubt my own sanity. It was a completely cold letter/report where he's treating me like a project or machine that's gone wrong instead of a person.

Nope, didn't grow up with alcoholics and was a pretty big boozer himself until about two months ago.

I honestly feel like I'm being bullied and manipulated.

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