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TTC calculations?

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saily Sat 11-Mar-17 06:11:47

So we are getting married in December and basically want to TTC straight away. I have read a lot of forum threads about whether it's better to stop taking the contraceptive pill 6 months before TTC to let your period regulate, or to wait until after the wedding so that there are no surprises on the day or on the honeymoon. Well, i've opted for the latter, as I don't want any surprises. So my question is really about how coming off the pill would work. If I continue with the pill, my next 'sugar pill days' after the wedding would start on the 12th of January, with my usual period coming on the 14th. My question is what happens after that? If I have my withdrawal bleed from 14th - 18th Jan, when can I expect my next period? I know a lot of people say 'look back to before you took the pill' but I have been taking it for 10 years and can only recollect that my period was regular in that it came each month, but I can't be certain of how long it lasted. Would I expect a period 21 days after my previous period, theoretically allowing me to get pregnant in late January? And if I stop the pill before I complete the 21-day pill cycle, would I expect a withdrawal bleed straight away?

MmmMalbec Sat 11-Mar-17 07:40:43

The bottom line is you really can't predict because it's different for everyone. Some people ovulate quickly after coming off the pill and for others it can take weeks or even months to get their first normal cycle. I hope things settle down quickly for you though!

Emma2803 Sat 11-Mar-17 08:49:29

Yes you can stop the pill mid cycle and you will get a withdrawal bleed. You don't have to wait until your inactive pills. As pp said everyone is different coming off the pill as to when they ovulate.
In my experience I had been on yasmin for 8 years when we decided to stop. This was at the end of the strip (no inactive pills with yasmin so day 21 of normal pills) I had my usual withdrawal bleed then it took 5 weeks from stopping pill until I ovulated (I did ovulation tests) so seven weeks until period. It takes a while for your body to settle back into normal cycles, prior to pill I was 28 days like clockwork.
Took three weeks after that to ovulate a second time and I got pregnant that cycle

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