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Coil Broke During Removal

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Breeze81 Fri 10-Mar-17 14:38:34


My boyfriend and I are both almost 36 and have decided to start trying for a baby.

I went to get my coil out and the strings broke, so I was booked in for a difficult coil removal by the doctor. He had an awful time trying to get it out as it was stuck. Finally removed it, but it was minus an arm.

He said it could have broken and come out with my period years ago, or could be still inside me. I've been referred for a scan.

It took me years to finally come to the decision to have a family, and now this has happened I'm feeling overwhelmed and impatient. I got a letter from the hospital 6 weeks after the removal to say they received my referral letter, and there is a long wait so I need to sit tight.

Has this happened to anyone? Does anyone know if I can pay for a scan (ultrasound I assume) to be seen sooner? I totally understand the NHS is stretched, but given my age I'm keen to get cracking. I'm also worried about the arm being stuck up there.


Thingymaboob Sat 11-Mar-17 09:19:01

Your GP can always refer you for private scans. It'll probably be a few hundred quid

Breeze81 Sat 11-Mar-17 11:40:05

Fab. Thank you so much for that. I'm not loaded, but I'm happy to pay for piece of mind. I've stopped googling because all I can find are horror stories of the arm becoming embedded in the lining of the womb.

It's aparantly very rare so I don't want to put anyone off an IUD as contaceptive. I'd have it in again in a heartbeat as I love that no hormones are involved.

Thanks again.

Thingymaboob Sat 11-Mar-17 15:03:28

I had a Mirena. Loved it! Now need to get pregnant!!!

Thingymaboob Sat 11-Mar-17 19:20:06

I had a private HSG - it cost £340

Breeze81 Thu 16-Mar-17 11:36:53

That's really helpful thanks. There's a 3 week waiting list for my GP, so I'll book an appointment and see if anything turns up in the meantime.
Are you trying for your first?

Thingymaboob Thu 16-Mar-17 21:43:35

Yes. Had a mc in October 16.

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