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Prostap woes... Need your experiences!

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Enjoyingmysleep Thu 09-Mar-17 19:11:15

Good evening!
I'm very new here but am in desperately need to hear about people's experiences of Prostap?
I was on it for 14 months to combat the side effects of my Endometriosis - it worked wonders but, sadly, I didn't agree with HRT so I had my final injection on December 14th.

If my cervical mucus and 'normal' ovulation pain (for me) are anything to go by, I ovulated the weekend of the 18th February.
Fast forward to Friday 3rd March - I had the usual cramping, breast tenderness, irritability, tiredness. I came on Friday morning. Or so I thought. I had an hour or so of old blood followed by a pinky discharge for another hour or so and that has been it - nothing more.
The cramping got steadily more intense over the weekend, as did my irritability but has now all died down.... I just never came on properly.

What was everyone's peeriod like the first time off Prostap? And should I be concerned?

Thank you xx

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