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Faint positive yesterday then barely there this morning, period 7 days late

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CreativeNamePending Thu 09-Mar-17 12:32:27

I was due on last wed, did 2 boots tests at weekend both negative, the FRER yesterday fairly faint but clearly there line, started appearing after about 45 seconds, then this morning did the other FRER and its so faint its only just visable.

Is this a sign of ectopic or miscarriage? I got a positive before I even missed my period with my first!

Sazwest Thu 09-Mar-17 12:38:31

Have u got pics Hun so we can see 2 sets of eyes better than one xx

listsandbudgets Thu 09-Mar-17 12:41:00

I had a very faint line when I took a pregnancy test - so faint I could barely see it unless I turned it a particular angle... ds is now 4 and in reception so not necessarily sign of an ectopic or miscariage

CreativeNamePending Thu 09-Mar-17 12:49:41

Here's a pic

CreativeNamePending Thu 09-Mar-17 12:51:21

The top one was yesterday and the bottom one was this morning
Lists was your faint one after your missed period too?

cottoncandee Thu 09-Mar-17 12:53:31

I think with these tests, it is more about the concentration of the urine so it does not necessarily mean the hCG drops. Try to relax and not stress yourself out. I am gonna keep my fingers crossed for you tho smile

listsandbudgets Thu 09-Mar-17 12:57:39

Yes Creative. Hope it turns out well for you smile

Sazwest Thu 09-Mar-17 13:07:29

I can see lines on both xxx

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