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TTC & baby aspirin

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NaturWilde Thu 09-Mar-17 10:29:09

Can anyone give me guidelines on how to use this when TTC? How much? From ovulation?

And other tips? CD 7, ov usually CD 12/13.

Grapefruit juice?!

NaturWilde Thu 09-Mar-17 11:03:04


WelshMammy123 Thu 09-Mar-17 19:00:26


Can I ask why you're thinking of taking baby aspirin? I only ask because I spoke to my consultant the other day and asked him when I should be taking aspirin from and he asked why I was taking it. I explained I'd been told to in previous pregnancies because of previous losses but he said that the evidence to support it helping reduce the risk of mc just isn't there. Apparently the original study from 15 years ago has not been backed up despite further research. He said the only reason to take it is because of issues with blood pressure - which I have had previously - and in this situation should be taken from 12 weeks pregnant.

His advice was just to take something like pregnacare conception and nothing else. The reason I was seeing him was that I had to have a tfmr in October as my baby had severe skeletal abnormalities. He asked me a lot of questions about what I had been taking in terms of supplements etc hence our discussion.

Obviously totally your choice what you take but thought I'd share his advice in case it's of any help!

In terms of other things I've read good stuff about Brazil nuts from ovulation to 10dpo (due to selenium) and pineapple core (but can't remember when from or to). Good luck! X

bumphopes Thu 09-Mar-17 20:44:28

Hi Natur
I'm 7DPO today too and will only take aspirin if I get a BFP. I've read a lot about it and it prescribed for people with clotting issues that can cause miscarriage. I've had a recurrent miscarriages and so think it's worth a try

NaturWilde Fri 10-Mar-17 09:45:08

Interesting. Thank you! I was considering it due to my age (37).

I'll stick to Brazil Nuts and pineapple then! Ov in 4 days...!

user1470147116 Fri 10-Mar-17 13:15:47

TTC for 2 years.

My doctor told me to take baby aspirin every day 75mg and after 1 month of taking it I was pregnant..

Study from 2015:

bumphopes Fri 10-Mar-17 14:45:49

So User you started taking it one month before you got your BFP? So whilst ttc?

Mind if I ask where abouts you saw your consultant?

user1470147116 Fri 10-Mar-17 15:52:04

Hi bumphopes

I've had recurrent miscarriages.

I saw a consultant at private clinic in London, did the initial scan and consultation.

In the scan they measure blood flow to uterus and he said it was a bit slow so said to take aspirin every day in month.

My GP said I had slightly clotty blood (raised antiphospholipid antibody) so take aspirin every day.

Even if you don't have clotty/thick blood it sounds like a good idea to take aspirin anyway while TTC?

NaturWilde Sat 11-Mar-17 07:40:22

So it seems inconclusive either way...not sure what to do!

No credible studies to indicate whether to take it or not!

QueSera Sat 11-Mar-17 07:59:03

I was 38 when i started ttc, i was going to take aspirin but consultant told me not to take it, said it was a wives tale. Two miscarriages later, i came across an article about it, and it wasnt the article so much as the readers' comments below that were fascinating - so many personal anecdotal experiences of recurring mc being overcome after taking low-dose aspirin. I decided to ignore my consultant and take it. Very soon after i got another bfp who is now my beloved 4-year-old. For me it was important to take before bfp, as my mcs were early ones. Obviously this doesnt prove anything, but i strongly believe that the aspirin was crucial for me. Good luck! PS i dont think id bother with pineapple; and def not grapefruit juice, i think fruit juice and jam are to be avoided, something to do with the sugars?

QueSera Sat 11-Mar-17 08:03:13

PS i took one low-dose aspirin every day until later in the pregnancy; my other tips would be use the ovulation sticks with smiley faces, or some other tracking method; and we used the 'sperm meets egg' plan (google it).

NaturWilde Sat 11-Mar-17 10:36:51

Thank you. I'm a year younger than you, so this is all very relevant. Can't go any harm it seems.

From ovulation?

NaturWilde Sat 11-Mar-17 10:37:11


Hotpinkangel19 Sat 11-Mar-17 11:18:22

Hi, I have 3 Dc's. First 2 were conceived quickly and easily. 3rd proved difficult sadI had 2 early miscarriages and I started taking baby aspirin after the 2nd mc. And vitamin b12 complex. I fell pregnant with DS3. Totally convinced I wouldn't have him if it wasn't for the aspirin xx

QueSera Sat 11-Mar-17 11:23:30

I just took it every day

10storeylovesong Sat 11-Mar-17 17:13:26

I had 4 early mc last year and my ds was born at 27 weeks due to a large blood clot on my placenta. I got my bfp in Jan and started taking 75g aspirin (and progesterone) and no 10+3 with an early scan showing baby developing well so far.

NaturWilde Sun 12-Mar-17 08:16:53

At my age every cycle is previous, think I ov in a day or two so will pick some up tomorrow.

NaturWilde Sun 12-Mar-17 10:48:17


bumphopes Sun 12-Mar-17 11:58:36

Nutur I started taking it two days ago on 8DPO. I'll be testing on Tuesday at 12DPO. Figured it's not going to do any harm and needed to try something.

NaturWilde Sun 12-Mar-17 12:03:11

I'm not post ovulation yet, I expect it in 2-3 days. Got a very positive OPK this morning!

I won't be by a pharmacist today but there's one close to work tomorrow.

If it can't do any harm, I'll give it a go.

NaturWilde Sun 12-Mar-17 16:18:54

Someone I know shared the following, after fertility issues: take a baby asprin from last day of period to 5 or 6 dpo. And then stop as it may interfere in early pregnancy.


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