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Going to doctor tomorrow

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SteffD Wed 08-Mar-17 21:39:50

Ok so been ttc forever now, have had no contraception for two years and nothing sad
Have had one child, have endometriosis but not major.
Got put through hormonal menopause in 2014 which stopped oct 2014, they put a mirena in which partially expelled itself Dec 2014 had one depo injection feb 2015 nothing since.
Had an ultrasound scan early 2015 which showed a shadow - cue tears and worrying. Second scan showed nothing
I am overweight (working on it) have a neurological condition for which I'm in remission (neurologist says it shouldnt impact on fertility)
Cycle is up and down say 29-32 days, periods are heavy and painful but have been all my life.
I'm 28 and have started to notice hair where it shouldn't be etc.
I'm going to the doctor tomorrow to ask about fertility and possibility of pcos
Just wondered what everyone thinks?

It's a nightmare, everyone around me is pregnant and it's getting me down a bit if I'm honest
I've had a couple of late periods recently 1st one was a week late 2nd one was 2 weeks late but no joy.

I know people say not to concentrate on getting pregnant but that's as useful as a chocolate teapot when you're trying isn't it?

Thanks in advance

Alibaba2 Fri 10-Mar-17 12:09:58

Good luck at the doctor today.

Blood tests should shed some light on things.

Do you track ovulation - opk sticks and temping?

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