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TTC - red implantation bleeding

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Appledust123 Wed 08-Mar-17 15:54:42

Hi everyone smile this is the first time I'm on here.

Just want some advice.

Me and my husband have just started to conceive and my ovulation on a clear blue digital said Saturday 4th March. We had sex Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I think I was probably Ovulating on friday though.

Anyway, 5/6 days post ovulation, I've got some bleeding and it's red. Not light or heavy but medium...

Could this be implantation bleeding?

Please help.

Pregosaurus2B Wed 08-Mar-17 16:17:22

I've had the same thing happen and been really excited but then it continued and I realised it want implantation. From what I've read it implantation bleeding isn't usually bright red but then again everyone is different. Fingers crossed for a better outcome for you.

Appledust123 Wed 08-Mar-17 16:28:36

My period is very irregular. Ranging from 40-70 days... I don't have PCOS... any idea of what else it can be? Thanks

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