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No period - odd symptoms - negative tests - help?!

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pollybee123 Wed 08-Mar-17 15:06:52

I usually work to a 24 day cycle. Ten days before my period last month my nipples went rock hard and didn't subside until after AF arrived on day 27 (late - and quite light). They were so painful that I struggled to wear bras and they were visible through any clothing, and even padded bras! I thought it was odd, but after several negative tests, didn't question it too much, as we aren't actively trying to have children yet.

This month, AF is now 12 days late. I am having copious amounts of thick white and clear discharge, and a funny pain just below my left breast/above my ribcage (which obviously may not be connected in the slightest). Tests still negative, but observed a very, very faint, thin line on the last one I took - probably about the same thickness as a hair. I do drink a lot of water, so not sure if this is likely to dilute?

I have a doctor's appointment on Monday, but I'm quite baffled and worried. Any thoughts/personal experiences on any of the above? Internet searches throw up everything from pregnancy to ovarian cysts.

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