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bunnyrabbit93 Tue 07-Mar-17 23:10:08

Hi ladies

This isn't really a question more just sharing news !

This is the first time me and my partner are TTC since a ectopic pregnancy in April last year.

Just keeping track of my symptoms and here anyone else's stories and symptoms smile

LMP - 19 Feb cycles vary since ectopic 26- 32 days I'm pretty sure this month is 28 day judging from ovulation CM. I also feel pain in the ovary region and I presume this is ovulation.

1dpo- no symptoms except ovulation pain
2po- ns
3dpo - I know people say it's too early but I have lots of wind sorry TMI ! Lots of burping and painful trapped wind in my rib cage. Much worse than I have ever experienced ( I also had this symptom with the ectopic which produced quite a lot of the pregnancy hormone as I got very strong positives ). And feeling a bit grumpy

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