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Short Period

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rachel2989 Mon 06-Mar-17 10:32:16


Wonder if anyone has had anything similar!

I had a very strange short period that stopped on Saturday and then today I had discharge like you would normally get when ovulating which is obvious far too early for my next cycle?

I had one heavy day the next day i had my normal period and then had a gush of clear idea what that was as never had that before and then just had spotting since then until saturday when i stopped completely and then today the discharge.

we are trying but dont want to get my hopes up or waste a test as I have just had a period just very short :/

boatrace30 Mon 06-Mar-17 10:37:38

Also having a similar issue... had a 36hr bleed from Thursday afternoon. Spotting ever since. The bleed started 9DPO and I suspected a short luteal phase. Now 13dpo and tested again and bfn. But driving myself crazy with this not believing I'm fully out. Similar happened with my last pregnancy. Had a three day light bleed and found I was pregnant a week later! But feel like a should be getting at least a hint of a line at 13dpo?

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