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Unexpected early positive OPK?

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NaturWilde Mon 06-Mar-17 10:21:58

Yet again, just when I thought I'd gotten the hang of these things!

I've posted a few times about OPKs under my old user name. Took one today as period finished and CD 5. Ov usually CD 12/13/14.

Thought it was negative after 5 min. After 10 min (which is within its timeframe) it looks like this. Is this positive?

Thank you!

Mummyme87 Mon 06-Mar-17 10:50:21

Does look positive. I had an early positive this month aswell.. something in the water

NaturWilde Mon 06-Mar-17 10:56:00

Could be good timing for me, actually. Will test again this evening.

NaturWilde Mon 06-Mar-17 11:39:10

On second thoughts....early ovulation isn't a good sign, is it?

Roseandbee Mon 06-Mar-17 20:28:43

I had an early positive this month, but it was only like yours and i thought possibly it was a smidge lighter than the control line, then instead of getting darker the next time i tested a few hours later it disappeared, then i got a much stronger positive at cd 14 which appeared much quicker, (plus some ovulation cramping which i often get) so im pretty sure i did ovulate in the middle of my cycle in the end. DTD just incase but id recommend you keep testing or at least keep dtd as this may not be your proper surge. FX!

NaturWilde Tue 07-Mar-17 11:28:42

Thank you! I think you're right, as I tested twice yesterday and both were strong ish positives, but after the 10 minutes.

I tested again this morning and it's a negative. I'm expecting positive in 5-6 days.

No temp rise so I don't think I've missed it yet!

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