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What's going on with my body?

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voxnihili Sun 05-Mar-17 18:52:37

Brief history - TTC for 18 months, DP has erectile dysfunction and works shifts so the issue could be as simple as lack of sperm where it needs to be at the right time. I also have slightly irregular periods - they usually last a max of 2-3 days and are quite light. I suffer badly with ovulation pain - usually lasts around a week and can have me doubled up in pain. I had an internal scan last year but all clear.

This month I was doubled up in pain on my right side around ovulation. In the 2ww I had a number of symptoms such as very sore boobs, needing to wee more, waking up hot in the night (usually only happens around ovulation), being really tired and had convinced myself it had happened - this isn't unusual and I often convince myself this is the month.

Cycle is on average 31 days but can vary between 29 and 31. This month, I had a 27 day cycle - I started bleeding exactly 2 weeks after the ovulation pain. Initially I thought it was implantation bleeding but then it seemed like a normal period for me. My period took me by surprise as usually I can tell when it will start. It lasted less than 48 hours and my symptoms disappeared. I'm now CD 5 and yesterday I noticed period type pains. They are more niggles than pain but are definitely there, more noticeable on the right side.

I'm pretty sure I'm not pregnant (I know there is only one way to be certain) but am confused about what is going on with my body. Does anyone else get random pains / niggles all month?

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