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Advice on OPKs and fertility 'helpers' please.

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MummysMaison Sun 05-Mar-17 11:53:45


My husband has agreed we can try for a baby grin. We have a few 'hurdles' to get over first but once we are sorted mid June we can start.

I was just wondering which are the best opks, are the cheap ones ok? I'm going to start charting my ovulation asap to get an idea when it's happening.

Any other tips on what may help?

Thank you x

Littlemisssugarplum88 Sun 05-Mar-17 13:03:06

Ooh great news you can start trying smile Good luck to you both.

For me, the cheap ones don't work. I've been using the clearblue digital ones this month and last and got a positive, and I dipped the same urine with the cheap ones and there wasn't even a slight faint line. I've also had an internal scan to show I'm ovulating at the time I used the tests. I know that a lot of people have a lot of luck with them tho xx

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