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6dpo too early to test? And am I imagining symptoms?

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Gillyweed9 Sat 04-Mar-17 23:53:25

Hello! First post to mumsnet. Myself and my partner had sex twice the day before ovulation. It's almost a week since ovulation and my boobs have been on and off tender, but mainly I have been feeling really sick all day. I cooked dinner, took one bite and almost vomited which is very unlike me. Is it too early to have these symptoms with pregnancy, wishful thinking perhaps? I took a superdrug pregnancy test and it came back negative, is it too early to test though? confused

conkerpods Sun 05-Mar-17 00:25:08

I had bad morning sickness with both of my babies,but it didn't start til I was about 8 weeks pregnant so I doubt yours is morning sickness.
When is your period due?First response tests say you can test a few days before period is due.

Sazwest Sun 05-Mar-17 00:25:09

I'm almost 9dpo and I've been feeling really sick for a day or 2 (boobs haven't hurt until about 2 hours ago) I did a test came back negative so not sure when to test again my AF is due 11th I think if ( if I have my dates right) xxx

Gillyweed9 Sun 05-Mar-17 00:44:55

My period is due in 10 days, I think most you have to wait until the missed period but I'm so impatient!

CatsCantFlyFast Sun 05-Mar-17 01:22:41

A test will only show positive after implantation and hcg levels have risen high enough. That's not going to have happened within 6 or 7 days so unless your dates are wrong I'd say it's too early to test and be getting symptoms

practicallyperfectmummy Sun 05-Mar-17 02:03:26

This photo shows the journey of sperm by days, I would say at least 9 to get a clear positive but still early more likely 11 days to get a non squinter positive. Hope this helps good luck.

AGnu Sun 05-Mar-17 02:12:25

I've been pregnant 4 times, probably currently pregnant for a 5th time now. Every single time I've had symptoms of some description, usually nausea/dizziness, from about CD21 of a 28 day cycle. Today was CD21 & it hit me like clockwork! I'd still not test until a day or 2 before AF is due at the earliest but it's not too early for symptoms!

McBaby Sun 05-Mar-17 04:11:16

My morning sickness started at 7dpo this time! I know it should be impossible but it isn't always! But I did get a positive test by 9dpo.

Some times your body is more sensitive as it started at 14dpo with my other two.

onlymrsmac Sun 05-Mar-17 07:19:52

I got symptoms, sore boobs and cramos 7dpo, but no bfp until 14dpo

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