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Ovulation stick newbie

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yorkshiremama Sat 04-Mar-17 13:16:46

After doing lots of 'practicing' since October and getting nowhere in our attempt to conceive our second child, we decided to give ovulation sticks a whirl this month - primarily to find out when I'm actually ovulating as I'm never quite sure (my cycle is pretty irregular, ranging from 23-33 days - it was never like this before I had a baby!)

I got some sticks and started peeing on them yesterday (my 'app' says I should ovulate today) - faintest line yesterday evening, and faint line this morning (albeit darker than yesterday)
Started with crampy pains about an hour ago so thought I'd give it another go, and now the test line is much darker - I'd say the same as the control line. So according to the packet, I should ovulate in the next 12-48 hours....

However - the Crampy pains now suggest to me that I am ovulating now though - would that sound about right with these sticks? I kind of thought they would be an indicator it was about to happen, not it's happening right now.

DH is working until very late tonight so chances of DTD tonight are fairly slim sadly, so it could be another month of no joy. Saying that, we DTD on Thursday night so I can remain hopeful!

Anna2006 Sat 04-Mar-17 15:56:38

Hmm it depends I think. Usually people ovulate the day after your positive OPK. But I used to chart my cycle and some months did ovulate on the day of my positive OPK so anything can go really!

Thursday should easy cover you for some swimmers to be present! Try get in another DTD. But if no luck tonight still try tomorrow morning DTD in case you do ovulate tomorrow instead 😊

yorkshiremama Sun 05-Mar-17 08:06:51

Thanks Anna, hubby surprised me coming home from work early, so we had a lovely evening 😉

Fingers crossed for a couple of weeks time!

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