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Conception with retained placenta

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Skitty6 Fri 03-Mar-17 11:56:51

My husband and I spent 5 years trying to conceive and after we finally got an IVF referral last February, I found out I was already 6 weeks pregnant. I was due in October but my son came 3 weeks early. I had a pretty horrendous labour. I was fully dilated for 2 hours and struggled to push him out (turns out he was nose up!). I tried to expel the placenta but couldn't, they have me the injection but it still didn't come, so they had to manually remove it from me. I bled for ten weeks post partum and went to the hospital for a scan (by then I was 4 months PP) which showed that I still had a 1.5cm piece of placenta left in me. I've been told they won't remove the placenta and will wait for my periods to do that. I'm now nearly 6 months PP and I'm worried that my periods (when they eventually start again) won't remove the placenta. My husband and I would love to conceive another child whilst I'm still quite fertile so that I'm not waiting another 5 years. If I conceive and the placenta still remains....what will happen? Has anyone every experienced this?

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