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not sure when ive ovulated and could i be pregnant

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Sazwest Thu 02-Mar-17 21:56:06

hey all I need some help please if anyone can help my period arrived 17th feb 2017 and I had my copper coil removed on 21st feb 2017 whilst still on my period I finished my period the day after I had coil removed. I thought I was due to ovulate 1-6 march 2017 which is what I worked out on my calendar but I done ovulating sticks early and they showed up early the dates 22-26 feb 2017 that's when the tests showed up, anyways I have had sex the day before I got the coil taken out and up until Tuesday28th feb. For the last few days ive been getting on and off cramps which I have never had before and ive been feeling really sick and I'm really bloated which ive never had.

Could I have ovulated straight after my period like its saying and is it possible I could be pregnant??

I'm not sure when my next period will be due and when to take a pregnancy test


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