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Watery periods, light, on and off

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MoonLight2511 Thu 02-Mar-17 17:24:33

Hi I'm new to this, but i have a question. Three days ago I started my period but it came a little bit earlier than usual. My period is a light consistency and is dark red then turns dark brown and is really watery (up to a point where it will just be dripping). I've never had a watery period, but not only that, my usual period never starts light and it never turns dark brown. All these 3 days my period has been dark red and then turns dark brown and stops for a while seeming like if I don't have a period anymore and then comes back again the same thing, why is my period like this? could it actually be my period? oh and in my period I usually have really bad cramps but this period i dont have anything.

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