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Food aversions 6dpo???

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GingerHanna Thu 02-Mar-17 11:31:22

Is it possible to get food aversions just 6dpo?

I had a chemical mc in Dec 15 and remember that I went off sweet food really badly. DH and I are TTC and this month used an ov test for the first time. Thoroughly DTD when my smiley face came up on the stick so there's no reason I wouldn't be pregnant...

At lunch today I took a mouthful of my yoghurt and it was horrid. Just tasted icky and had to force myself to finish it. Usually I have an incredibly sweet tooth so this is totally contrary to normal and has only happened once before, when I was pregnant.

HELP? Am I suffering from wishful thinking or is it really possible this early? AF isn't due until 11 March so I've still got plenty of time to fret!

Sazwest Sun 05-Mar-17 22:41:11

I'm like you Hun not due AF till 11th I'm 9po tomora and I can eat anything and everything and these last few days my appetite is non existent stuff I normally love I can't eat it knocks me sick. I'm thinking of testing tomora. I did one today and got a bfn xx

fuzzywuzzy Sun 05-Mar-17 22:52:27

I had food aversions really early on in this pregnancy.

I just completely went off all sweet things even sugar in my tea made me gag.

It's a possibility

ricecrispies16 Sun 05-Mar-17 23:08:43

I'm in the same boat. Going off things like in previous pregnancy. Loads of symptoms but who knows.....

GingerHanna Mon 06-Mar-17 11:10:30

Did you do another test Saz? I dare not for fear of getting a false positive... but it's taking a force of willpower to hold off.

No other symptoms and still okay with other sweet stuff. I keep feeling my boobs to see if they're hot as that was a big early sign for me last time, but that was week 4/5, not 3 where I am now. Saturday really cannot come too soon!

Sazwest Mon 06-Mar-17 11:48:01

@GingerHanna yes Hun was a bfn I'm 9dpo today so I'm guessing it's either to early or I'm not but I'm gonna leave it now until closer to 11th xxx

RoseGoldHippie Sun 19-Mar-17 18:58:30

Hey OP what was the result in the end?

GingerHanna Sun 19-Mar-17 20:53:07

BFP! Now at 5+3.

Sazwest Sun 19-Mar-17 22:03:58

@GingerHanna my AF was due Friday and still nothing last hpt on Friday was a bfn xx

RoseGoldHippie Sun 19-Mar-17 23:24:02

Congratulations!! grin

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