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Bfp or faulty test??

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Jords0105 Thu 02-Mar-17 00:38:33

Hi ladies.
I took a hpt this morning and instantly saw what I thought was a Bfp. After around 5 minutes it disappeared completely into a negative. Afs due in two days will retest in the morning just nervous and confused. I'm trying not to get my hopes up but it's too hard!! The pictures are all of the same test, any ideas? Xx

Lovechild2016 Thu 02-Mar-17 03:28:51

Looks positive to me. Try again in the morning?

MinisWin Thu 02-Mar-17 04:30:05

I had exactly this with one of this type of test - unfortunately I wasn't pregnant that month (LOTS of other tests taken, including first response etc) - I think they do have the potential to briefly show false positives. I would test again in am with something different.

Jooni Thu 02-Mar-17 05:13:44

That's really weird. It looks like quite a clear pos initially especially if it came up straight away. Never heard of one fading though, I think you need to test again. Good luck!

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