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Metformin with PCOS

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BrogsXx Wed 01-Mar-17 22:22:58

I have PCOS and have been given metformin to treat it in hope to help me conceive. I'm increasing gradually to x4 - 500mg per day, has this helped any of you and what side effects/other medication did you experience and take..? I feel like they aren't making a difference!!!!! HELP.

countingdown2gin Thu 02-Mar-17 12:58:38

Hi, I was prescribed it when trying to get pregnant this time.

The only side effect I had was a bit of a bad stomach initially. It doesn't feel like it's working but for me it put me in a regular cycle. A longer cycle (40 days) but still regular and we conceived after a few cycles.

Good luck!

BrogsXx Thu 02-Mar-17 13:17:55

It's never gave me regual periods.. I'm hoping soon it will, I'm at wits end. I've been back to the doctors today and now they have found out that my brain isn't producing a hormone the way it should. They will hopefully have a referal to the fertility clinic for me in the next 5 weeks :-/ congratulations on your bambino! Xx

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