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Nauseous - hormones changing or pregnancy?

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Anatidae Wed 01-Mar-17 15:56:31

Firstly, I know there's no other answer to this than wait two weeks and wee on a stick...

Dc1 is 16 mo and I'm still breastfeeding (morning and night.) my periods haven't returned yet but I've definitely felt like things may be gearing up for them to return recently. We would like dc2 at some point so we are not actively using contraception since the weekend.

I suffered from HG during my last pregnancy and was sick days after conception, well before a bfp.
We've had unprotected sex once and three days later I'm barfing.

Has anyone else got pregnant before their periods returned? The chances seem minute but the feeling of nausea is exactly what I would expect from before.

I suppose wait two weeks and wee on a stick grin

Bubblegum89 Wed 01-Mar-17 16:08:11

It seems very unlikely you'd be feeling pregnancy symptoms so early seeing as implantation doesn't occur until around 7-10dpo. I would hazard a guess and say it's most likely a hormone change as they're pretty sneaky in that they mimic pregnancy hormones during that lovely anxious two week wait and make us all get our hopes up every month. Women have got pregnant whilst breastfeeding and before their periods have returned but I think it's rare. From what I believe, bf'ing prevents ovulation (for the most part) and if you've not had a period in over a year I would guess that you aren't ovulating as you're not shedding any lining. I'm probably completely wrong lol but just speaking from experience and things I've read about other women's experiences smile

Anatidae Wed 01-Mar-17 16:14:34

I agree, it's just that last time I was exorcist style vomiting almost a week before the bfp (and didn't stop until the day he arrived.) I'd have said it wasn't possible to feel anything before implantation except that I did...

Possibly hormonal fluctuations before periods returning then? The chances of hitting the target on the first ovulation must be tiny smile

Bubblegum89 Wed 01-Mar-17 16:36:42

I know the feeling, I promise lol. I had had sore boobs twice in my entire life. Both times were about a week before I got a bfp. So imagine my excitement when a few months ago, I started getting sore boobs. But it was just my lovely body deciding to trick me and now every cycle, I have sore boobs during the tww. So annoying.

And I mean, you have around a 20% chance of conceiving every month and that's when you're doing EVERYTHING right. So a very very small chance, especially on the first time. It's not impossible to get pregnant first try but it's extremely uncommon. I wouldn't rule out pregnancy 100% but I would say it's about 99.9% that you're probably not. If your body isn't building up a lining during the tww, I would imagine you're not ovulating. Kinda like with birth control where you don't ovulate and the bleed you have is just a hormone thing related to the hormones in the birth control rather than a shedding of uterine lining.

Could be hormones but could maybe be something else? Something you ate, a sickness bug... just that it's coincidentally started around the time you've bd'd without protection. Bodies really suck sometimes!

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