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Trying to get pregnant after the coil

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Lee1977 Wed 01-Mar-17 14:20:01

Hi sorry a long post I'm afraid. And I'm new so please be gentle lol. I had my marina coil out on the 30/01/17 I bleed heavy on the 01/02/17 and had 3 days positive ovulation days from the 19/02/17. How will I know when my period is due and if I'm pregnant. I had the coil for 10yrs with no periods. I've done a PT and it's a negative but I have signs like tired, sore breasts and a little cramping. Is this a good sign or am I just wishful thinking smile

Redpony1 Wed 01-Mar-17 16:19:46

I think it should be due around 14 days from your first positive test, so i would test Sunday 5th March?

blondebabeuk78 Mon 13-Mar-17 17:05:37

I had the coil out in January, had a 4 day period in February and I'm now 10 days late for my period. Keep taking test but keep getting a negative. Went to the doctors today and will find out tomorrow if I'm pregnant but not until after 1pm, the next few hours is agony knowing I will know soon but feeling like the time is going so it's going backwards. Also scared about the rest as I really hope that I am pregnant and it might come back as negative.

LisaSimpsonsbff Tue 14-Mar-17 07:20:55

When I had my Mirena out my cycles were a little bit screwy for a couple of months - I had a withdrawal bleed a few days after I had it out, and then something like a 38 day cycle. I then had a few very regular cycles - ovulation day 20, period on day 33 - and then last cycle I ovulated nearly a week earlier, on day 14. Perhaps entirely coincidentally, that was the cycle I fell pregnant (but sadly I have now lost the pregnancy) - I think it's possible that it was only then, cycle 6, that my body got entirely back into its own rhythm. I did get into a pattern quicker than a lot of women who have been on the pill do, but in my experience you can't just have the coil out and expect regular cycles from day 1. I'm sure it varies from woman to woman, though - I didn't have periods at all on Mirena, so perhaps it affected me particularly strongly?

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