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Secondary unexplained infertility - hypothyroidism?

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lifesizedoll Wed 01-Mar-17 13:02:43

Hi I'm hoping someone has been in a similar situation as I really don't know where to go.

I have a child who is 6 years old and fell pregnant in 6 months. We have been ttc for a second child for 3 years and I have not had any miscarriages either. We have had all the tests and everything is more than fine with both of us.

Now the only red flag I can see is that since our first child I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism with high thyroid antibodies. The doctors and specialists do not think this is affecting my fertility as it is under control although secondary infertility has to be caused by something even if we don't know what?!

We are now contemplating IVF but because "nothing" is causing the infertility then why would IVF work better than naturally? I would pay the money for IVF all day long if it could guarantee me a baby, but if I didn't get pregnant then I would feel guilty for throwing all of our money down the drain, which could be spent on the child we have.

Mammabear31 Wed 01-Mar-17 15:05:45

Hi OP. I'm kind of in the same boat as you but not sure I can provide any answers as I've only just been diagnosed with hypothyroidism - literally only 2 weeks ago. I was tested for it as part of a fertility screen as we've been trying for No.2 for over a year now.

My TSH wasn't too high (5.7) but my Anti TPO was 266 so way off the normal range of 0-30! I've started on levothyroxine and have been told that I need to have my levels checked again in 6 weeks. Once levelled, if we haven't concieved in 2-3 months we will be referred to the fertility clinic. All very alien to us, DS1 was conceived on our first cycle! DH is still to have his semen analysis but everything else with me was normal so hopefully this will sort things out for us.

I am worried there is something else and not just the hypothyroidism. Have you had your antibodies level checked recently? Have you had any other tests like a hypersalingogram?

lifesizedoll Thu 02-Mar-17 15:16:35

Oh really yeah it sounds very similar. My antibodies were >1000. I've had everything they will look into on the NHS and had the blue dye. Everything seems '"fine".

Your TSH was a little high so hopefully bringing that down will help. Fingers crossed it works. If it does let me know to give me a little hope 🙏

Wombletor Thu 02-Mar-17 17:22:36

I am hypothyroid with antibodies in excess of 1000. I conceived easily but MC. Ask your Dr to check for other autoimmune diseases too, for eg coeliac as often they go hand in hand. You may also be deficient in iron, b12 and vit d when you are hypo.

I was found to be coeliac, 3 years after the hypo diagnosis.

Good luck, I hope you find some answers.

lifesizedoll Fri 03-Mar-17 14:59:16

Oh I am so sorry to hear that.

Thanks I will mention them things when I go to see my Dr to make sure nothing is being missed!

LuckyHappyMummy123 Fri 03-Mar-17 21:27:37

Tsh needs to be under 2

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