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Faint positive??

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user344 Wed 01-Mar-17 08:22:56

Hi ladies. Tell me if I'm seeing something that's not there please!

Is this a very faint positive? I've also created a negative image to show it clearer.

I'm off to buy a sensitive test as I'm not due AF until tomorrow

WelshMammy123 Wed 01-Mar-17 08:35:49


I can definitely see something - ironically on the one that's 'normal' and not in black and white. Whispering congratulations xx

user344 Wed 01-Mar-17 08:38:40

I'll take a cautious whisper for now smile thank you Welsh x

SleepFreeZone Wed 01-Mar-17 08:39:54

I can see something too. Good luck 👍

Changingagain Wed 01-Mar-17 08:44:17

Yep that's a positive flowers congratulations

kissmewherethesundontshine Wed 01-Mar-17 09:11:57

That's def a positive grin congratulations!

user344 Wed 01-Mar-17 09:15:16

Thank you ladies smile I'm going to pop out in a bit and get some early detection and will post for confirmation!

user344 Wed 01-Mar-17 10:59:04

Oh my god I'm pregnant!

user1471496670 Wed 01-Mar-17 11:49:28

Aww congratulations! Xx

alwaysthepessimist Wed 01-Mar-17 11:50:30


ethelfleda Wed 01-Mar-17 12:24:30

Congratulations flowers

MrsSquidney Wed 01-Mar-17 12:26:41


HopefullyDothButterNoParsnips Wed 01-Mar-17 12:46:56

Congratulations! What type of tests were these? Was the first one clear blue plus and the digital one just clear blue digital?

HopingForALittleOne Wed 01-Mar-17 14:16:46

Congratulations xxx

user344 Wed 01-Mar-17 17:59:16

Hopefully. - the first was tescos own brand and the second was a clear blue digital smile

HopefullyDothButterNoParsnips Wed 01-Mar-17 18:10:12

Thanks! I have clear blue plus and a digi one in for this weekend. How many DPO were you?

user344 Wed 01-Mar-17 18:35:08

I think it was 12. I was lucky enough to get a positive first month, which I really wasn't expecting. Both times
I've only had a clear result from
Clear blue though.

HopefullyDothButterNoParsnips Wed 01-Mar-17 18:52:00

Thanks user - I've got a bit of waiting to do. I'm only on 6dpo. Massive congratulations again!

Sazwest Mon 06-Mar-17 13:14:41

Congrats @user344 I'm 9dpo today done a test this morning was a bfn have all pregnancy symptoms so gonna wait till 12dpo I think xxx

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