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Sarajandb Tue 28-Feb-17 14:04:10

I have 2 children and both were completely different symptoms and pregnancy wise Dizzyness, light headed, tingly until i eat and hot which because of this i'm actually eating more frequently and smaller meals but actually more than i normally would (i think this is low BP but cant get a doctors appointment to find out) i've never had this
More tired than normal and generally low on energy and get up and go.
Thick creamy discharge since day of ovulation (could this be thrush related)
Thrush (haven't had this in a long time)
7 days past ovulation Period due in 6 days .. Too early to test i know but wondered if anybody was experiencing similar and are waiting to test.

Andysgirl15 Tue 28-Feb-17 19:46:58

Hi there's a similar thread already going called TWW - anyone testing early March. Why don't you come and join us there are plenty of us who are going through the same right now x

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