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Asherman's Syndrome

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Bubblegum89 Sun 26-Feb-17 12:10:54

Does anyone else have this or has had it?

I went for a routine ultrasound due to pains in my right ovary (turned out to be due to hormonal changes after switching birth control) but the doctor who gave me my results said that there was scar tissue present in my uterus. She didn't really elaborate, she just said "you might find it hard to conceive and you might not. It's one of those things." That made me feel not so bad as she hadn't seemed particularly worried about it. Then I googled it when I got home and cried. My partner and I don't earn much and neither of us have health insurance due to never needing it (trusty ol' NHS) but I know now that if I want treatment, it'll have to be done by a private specialist at a significant cost.

There are days when I feel like, oh you know, it's okay. It could be worse, I could be dying. Then there's others, like today, when I'm constantly being bombarded with pregnancy announcements, scan photos, bump pics and photos of tiny newborns all over my Facebook feed, that I just feel like it's not even going to happen for me.

I don't really know anyone else who has this. I joined some AS groups on fb (tried the yahoo group but couldn't figure it out) but I just feel so alone. My partner tries to talk about it with me but he doesn't really understand, he thinks it's just a case of get the scar tissue removed and hey presto, let's have a baby. Even if by some miracle I found the money for treatment, there's no guarantee I will be able to get pregnant anyway.

Sorry for the rant, just feeling down today sad

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