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Bluestarsky Wed 22-Feb-17 18:21:48

Hi. So a little info.... looking to see if anyone's been in the same situation. Firstly, we're not actively trying to get pregnant (just yet), but if I were to be I'd be ecstatic.

I'm on a 21 day combined pill which I've taken for years with no problems. I have around a 5 day period every 28 days.

At the beginning of this cycle I had my normal 5 day bleed, but unfortunately I had a sickness bug right at the beginning of my packet resulting in 4 missed/vomited pills right at beginning of pack. I continued after that but must admit I've missed another 2-3 in the pack (careless I know but just been one of those months) so far this month I've had 2 further 2-3 day bleeds of my normal period heaviness (I guess from messing the pill up) and I should be due my regular period Saturday (3 days) We have only dtd twice in this space of time.

For the past week now I have been nauseous everyday, sleeping flat out for an hour during the day, few dizzy spells and, although not sore, I'm very aware of my breasts and they feel bigger! I have been pregnant before but unfortunately lost the baby at 21 weeks and this is the only time I've had had these symptoms.

So far all tests have come back negative, but possibly too early...

I guess my question is has anyone been in this situation? Is it possible to be pregnant despite having these 2 extra bleeds this month?!


Emma2803 Wed 22-Feb-17 18:37:25

It's definitely possible if you've missed a few pills. Only difficulty is knowing when you might have ovulated so it might be too early to test yet? Good luck!!

Bluestarsky Wed 22-Feb-17 18:53:39

I have no idea if or when I might have ovulated.... I'm gunna wait until Sunday maybes and test again if AF hasn't shown. The waiting is a right pain, all too familiar from last time which I guess is making it worse x

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