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Feeling sad

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Mrshand123 Tue 21-Feb-17 16:54:49

I came off depo early December. Its been 6 months since my last shot and all I get is pregnancy symptoms and pms. I'm feeling fed up. Every One around me is getting pregnant and here's me with pms and no periods. In January I took ovulation tests and it said I was ovulating but nothing happened. Doctor said its the depo. I know it can take a while but I hate it. Last time I got off the depo I was pregnant within 4 months but ended up mc. Why on earth did I go back on it. All I want is a baby. I feel so ill all the time and its not stopping. So for the rant. X

Sshsecretenclosed Tue 21-Feb-17 17:14:33

I totally understand how you feel. I finished pill at xmas, have seen positives on Opks but as yet nothing and a BFN yesterday too. I think we have to understand it could b e a long road however that doesn't make it easy. What's with EVERYONE announcing their pregnant too?!

Mrshand123 Tue 21-Feb-17 17:24:20

Its going to take a while I know that but I thought id have my period. Yeah everywhere I go there a baby or someone is announcing their pregnancy. Don't get me wrong I'm happy for them but I want my turn now x

MummyOf1Boy Tue 21-Feb-17 20:07:48

It can take some time to get periods back after stopping contraception. Although i haven't tried it myself I have seen on other posts thats agnus cactus can help with ovulation and conceiving. Hope this helps and hope you feel better soon. I understand how your feeling Im into month 8 of TTC xxx

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