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Acupuncture causing delayed/no ovulation

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Chicci1 Mon 20-Feb-17 20:10:02

Hello all, just wondering whether anyone has had experience with acupuncture/Chinese medicine causing cycles to disimprove. Have been doing both for a month to try and improve an 8 day luteal phase but no sign of ovulation yet. Normally ovulation is like clockwork. My body seemed to be gearing up for it last week but it never happened and at this stage it looks like I won't ovulate this cycle. My acupuncturist isn't concerned and says that sometimes things have to get worse to get better but I'm terrified about messing up my cycles irrevocably. I don't know whether to give up or not.

Alibaba2 Mon 20-Feb-17 20:53:00

Hi Chicci, are you seeing a fertility acu specialist? What cd are you on now and when do you normally ov? Do you temp/opk to monitor ov?

Chicci1 Mon 20-Feb-17 21:09:41

Hi alibaba. Yes the lady I'm seeing is zita west trained and feels I do need the herbs and acupuncture to lengthen my luteal phase. I do temp and usually ovulate like clock work on day 14. I'm on day 18 now and I felt as though I was close to ovulating on day 14 but I didn't (confirmed by temps and cbfm). Maybe it'll happen late but I'm annoyed with myself that I've disrupted what had been a bang on 14 day ovulation every month. I really don't want to do more harm than good by continuing acupuncture. Do you think I should stop it?

Alibaba2 Tue 21-Feb-17 09:27:36

I would see what happens this month and next month and then decide. Hopefully you will still ov this month - have you had high/peak fertility yet on the cbfm?

I guess lengthening the LP is her priority at the moment so if the herbs/Acu fix that then it's worth it.

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