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Support for those TTC on Cycle 12+

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Calcifer1 Mon 20-Feb-17 08:53:51

Hey ladies!
This is my first time posting (I've been a bit of a lurker up until now!). I've been reading the boards for months, and there doesn't seem to be many threads for those of us who have been trying for quite some time, so I've started one! All welcome, for support and chat!

Some background on myself-
On cycle #12
Cd27 but AF is probably imminent, but I truly have no idea because my cycles are all over the place!
Ttc #2, DC is 3

Looking forward to hearing from others!x

Londonjam Mon 20-Feb-17 08:56:27

Hello, I'll join up smile

I'm on cycle 15 and am 2 DPO today. We are trying for our first.

We've had initial fertility tests and all fine apart from DH has low morphology.

Have you had any tests done calcifer? Did it take you long to conceive your first?

Calcifer1 Mon 20-Feb-17 09:21:44

Hello jam!

I conceived on cycle 5 with my first, so wasn't expecting this! I'm only actually 9 months in to ttc, but my cycles have been a bit all over the place so I'm racking up the cycles quite quickly. Last cycle was 14 days, so the doctor has agreed to start testing. Just had day 21 bloods and general wellbeing type tests done. Unfortunately I live on a rural island so my bloods have to be sent away to the nearest major lab, so I have to wait another 2 weeks to get the results back.

We were told we'd have trouble conceiving our first due to me having PID in the past, but thought the docs had maybe gotten it wrong since I conceived relatively quickly with DC 1, but now worried it might have been a fluke?!

Anyway, have you just been sent away to keep trying, or are they going to do anything to help you out?x

Londonjam Mon 20-Feb-17 18:07:01

Good luck with your results / that's annoying you have to wait! I'm so impatient with these things. Next step for us is our initial appointment with the fertility specialist at the hospital. I'm hoping they will suggest further tests such as HSG and more sperm testing.

Calcifer1 Tue 21-Feb-17 18:45:08

I can't get my reply to post for some reason, so apologies if this sends twice!

Have you had an internal scan or anything yet, or does that come after you have seen the specialist?

Tmi but I have had pink cm today which is a sure sign that my period is on its way, boo! Onwards and upwards to cycle 13 by the looks of it! X

JeNeBaguetteRien Tue 21-Feb-17 22:29:35

There is a 10 month plus TTC thread that has been going for quite a while (I lurk there but can't link from phone).
Ive had some basic tests and going for further consultation this week.
I think when you've been TTC longer than it takes to grow a baby you can't help thinking sometimes "oh if we'd conceived first time the baby would be x months by now" which is Annoying. But hopefully the longer spent trying the closer we get.

Calcifer1 Wed 22-Feb-17 06:31:57

Hello baguette! Yes, I've lurked on the thred too, but I didn't want to post because I haven't reached 10 months yet in case they would be mad at me blush
It's definitely true what you say about the length of pregnancy and ttc though, I've just reached that point and it feels a bit like a kick in the teeth! I also have found it tough because there are a few events this year that I wrongly assumed that I would have a new baby to take along to, and that I'd be on maternity leave so wouldn't have to organise someone to cover me at work. A bit stupid, I know, but I'd been day dreaming of all the gorgeous maternity dresses I'd be wearing to weddings etc, never thinking that actually conceiving wouldn't be as quick as last time. Silly sausage.

Anyway, how did your basic tests go, did anything out of the ordinary show up or did everything look "normal"? X

happybus28 Wed 22-Feb-17 07:12:53

Hi smile hope you don't mind me joining in. Approaching a year of trying our 1st, lost track of what cycle day as I haven't had AF since October. She seems to have gone AWOL. Have had bloods, a ultrasound (pelvic not internal) and DH has had SA and we have 1st appt with gyne tomorrow. I'm quite apprehensive about it whilst also looking forward to finding out where we go from here.

Calcifer1 Wed 22-Feb-17 08:35:26

Argh, that must be super frustrating happy! Were your cycles before October fairly regular? Have your first sets of tests come back "normal"?

I actually found that as soon as I went to the doctors to start tests, it was a little bit of weight lifted knowing that the process has started, I've felt a bit more relaxed about it, so hoping that in itself will maybe help? X

Londonjam Wed 22-Feb-17 08:40:58

I've had an internal scan calcifer and bloods. DH has had an SA. Will see what the specialist says next week. I am saving up all my questions.

I've had all those daydreams about having a baby or being pregnant at upcoming events. We've got three weddings in September this year and I was so sure we were going to be pregnant or have a little one. Looking less likely now sad

happybus28 Wed 22-Feb-17 09:01:22

Yeah it is rather frustrating! I'd been on the pill so things were still settling down from me coming off that. I came off in Feb last year and was having anything between 35-40 day cycles until October when they just stopped. I have woke up today to a light bleed so I'm hopeful it's AF showing...isn't really heavy enough to be classed as AF though so I'll see what today brings!

My bloods showed a raised LH level but other than that were fine. DHs SA also came back fine. My GP suspected PCOS but the sonographer at my ultrasound ruled that out. She wouldn't tell me if she saw anything else though just that it wasn't PCOS.

I feel a mixture of nerves and excitement about tomorrow, am ready to find out what's next though. I hope you aren't waiting too long for your blood results!

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