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It's happend again- illness over fertile window

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Addtothechaos Mon 20-Feb-17 08:11:20

Hi everyone

Just after a bit of advise/experience really. Last month in January we started ttc and straight away I stared using opks. Got a pos opk mid Jan and Dtd at right time so the happily entered the tww. All good so far! Anyway around 2 DPO I stared to get sick (a flu type virus that a few family members had) and ended up with raging fever and bed bound for a couple days. I was convinced nothing could have survived in my body with the fever so accepted that we were prob out that month!! Anyways, you guessed it at 11dpo (ish) I got a bfp!! Was delighted! Fast forward a few days and bleeding started so ended up chem pg sad

Now I've waited 26 days to ov again and got a super strong pos opk yesterday but also started feeling ill again. And Sod's law it turns into a sore throat, chills, fever , body aches, headache the lot!! I'm so frustrated . We Dtd anyway even though I had to pretty much force myself and I hardly slept. Just feel like it's going to scupper my chances again?has anybody been really ill over conception and come out the other side? I'm probably not as bad as last month but defo still feeling rotten sad and if we don't get a bfp this month then my dh wants to skip nxt month as doesn't want a Xmas baby sad xx

ethelfleda Mon 20-Feb-17 08:17:17

Ahhhhhh I'm sorry I can't help you as I've not been there but feel rotten for you!! My advise would be to rest as much as you possibly can - stay in bed and try to relax and do not put any additional strain on your body to give it a fighting chance at implantation. Hope you feel better soon! X

MrsK8541 Mon 20-Feb-17 08:29:29

I had flu in December and we dtd anyway ... I'm now 10 weeks! Just rest up and keep hydrated. Good luck flowers

Addtothechaos Mon 20-Feb-17 08:35:02

Ah thank you both for the replies and reassurance flowers

I will try to rest up as much as poss but it just so happenes it's the first day of half term and I have a verrry energetic 6 and 3 year old to entertain! Think I will take them for a walk in the fresh air then have a lazy film afternoon. Keep telling myself it is what it is but doesn't make me feel any less frustrated as haven't been ill for ages and twice on the trot now over the most fragile time aghh!

Thanks ladies xx

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