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Pregnant? Not pregnant? Going crazy?

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Mamalexi343 Sun 19-Feb-17 08:39:24

Hi everyone I'm after some advice as im about to lose my mind!

Last month I suffered a chemical pregnancy which absolutely devastated me but we carried on ttc and did the dirty on my fertile days.

The past 2 weeks i have been feeling like I'm gonna puke all the time, very sore enlarged breasts, extremely tired all the time, increased cm, incredibly emotional (much to the dismay of my dh) and I just don't feel right.

I'm 7 days late for my period but all of the tests I have done have either been negative or so faint you have to angle it right to be able to see it.

So this morning I woke up and after going for a wee and wiping I noticed a tiny amount of very light pink blood. For the whole 2 weeks I've had light cramping and painful legs which for me is a warning sign of my period.

I'm beside myself with worry, I'm terrified I'm having another chemical pregnancy or that I never was pregnant and it's all been in my head.

Typically it's a Sunday so won't be able to go doctors until tomorrow but I know I'm gonna be a mess today sad I'm just so confused so anyone who has any advice please please share it! Baby dust to everyone ttc.

Colabottles64 Sun 19-Feb-17 09:19:06

I think the two week wait is so intense when you want a baby so much it makes every symptom seem like pregnancy. I've convinced myself several cycles that I'm pregnant only to be super disappointed when AF arrived. do you track ovulation? It's possible you ovulated later. I've had cycles vary from 25-37 days long based on when I ovulated and that is touch because I felt I was late but really my luteal phase is a consistent 14 days after ov so it was driven by me not ovulating til later. Perhaps it was a bit later after the chemical last month.
Worth mentioning all concerns to gp of course. tracking ov is just an idea to help you understand cycle and know if it's really worth testing or whether you should hold off longer than normal to test

Mamalexi343 Sun 19-Feb-17 10:19:43

Hi Thanks for replying

That's what I was thinking, I've been tracking my periods and ovulation since July and I've always been regular bar a couple of days but thought I don't really know if you can count a chemical pregnancy as a period so no idea when I'm actually due as I started bleeding 3 days after I was due.

I've wiped a few time to keep checking and it's pretty much fizzled into pinkish brown and there's barely anything there now so double confused now lol

I'm worried I'm gonna have to fight for an appointment as our GP is rubbish and won't really do anything unless you are confirmed as pregnant.

I just want this so bad it's so confusing and stupid lol

haveacupoftea Sun 19-Feb-17 10:52:01

I think a tiny bit of spotting could actually be a positive sign - could be your baby getting comfy in the womb!

Try to keep calm, if this is implantation you should get a + on FRER on Tuesday morning.

If its your period you will know soon if you get the full flow. Either way you shouldn't have long to wait now for your answer x

Mamalexi343 Sun 19-Feb-17 11:03:16

Thank you was gonna try not to worry but just went toilet and there was more on the tissue and more reddish pink and getting mild cramps now so gonna assume that's that for this month sad

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