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Is it just wishful thinking

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lizi311 Sat 18-Feb-17 16:54:07

So me and my fiancè have decided to TTC. I had my coil removed on 3rd Jan 2016. Had a removal bleed from 5th-12th then another period around a week later (stupid me has put 3 period start dates down on my calendar 18th, 20th and 23rd).

Before having the coil fitted i had regualr 28 day cycles, sometimes early, never late.

Anyhow, its now the 18th and no AF. Im getting pains above my pubic bone and sometimes in my bellybutton. Bloating and excessive eating and discharge, sometimes white sometimes clear.

Could it even be possible for me to be pregnant? Or am i just wishful thinking? I havent done a home test yet as it was 2 week before i got a positive with my first born.

lizi311 Sat 18-Feb-17 16:58:28

I should add. During the 14months of having the coil in i had period symptoms but no periods

Writerwannabe83 Sat 18-Feb-17 18:18:13

Both times I had my Mirena removed I was pregnant within 4 weeks.

Good luck!!!!!!

lizi311 Sat 18-Feb-17 19:56:56

Oh i do hope i am 😁 im abit unsure as my partner works away so we dont get much 'intimate time' its only been 2 weekends since xmas and i cant be sure if its when i ovulated as im not 100% sure when i actually started my last period x

lizi311 Sun 19-Feb-17 19:04:03

I got a BFP!! 😁❤

Writerwannabe83 Sun 19-Feb-17 21:04:50

Yay!!! Congratulations!!!

lizi311 Mon 20-Feb-17 14:44:03

Thankyou 😁

phoebe2016 Mon 20-Feb-17 14:56:22

Hello. I also got pregnant within a couple of weeks of coil removal! Unfortunately it didn't work out due to a thin uterine wall (a side effect of having mirena) but i was pleased to know my fertility was still there. I conceived again a few months later and am now bumping along nicely at 22 + 5! Congratulations on your bfp, hope its a sticky bean for u too x

lizi311 Mon 20-Feb-17 21:45:33

Oh i do hope so. fingers crossed. Congratulations on your baby bump too ❤

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