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Extreme dizziness

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topanga84 Sat 18-Feb-17 15:48:41

Hi all x am 8dpo - no symptoms at all but been feeling very dizzy and keep having funny 'turns' when feel very lightheaded and fuzzy. Not had this before. Don't feel ill so don't think it's a virus. Gone right off coffee ... been trying 2yrs + and mc last may ... praying this is it ... what do you ladies think?

AmyB1986 Sun 19-Feb-17 11:37:29

One of my first symptoms in each of my pregnancies has been dizziness. Not extreme but sort of a light headed feeling especially when exercising.

I'd wait a few days and test. 8dpo is a bit early. I had a negative at 12dpo and a faint positive at 13dpo

Oysterbabe Sun 19-Feb-17 12:28:26

Dizziness was my first symptom too. Fingers crossed!

topanga84 Mon 20-Feb-17 16:33:19

Just to update - o just got a very positive frer 6 days early!!! Will post pics Tomo as I've already posted six on here!!! X

AmyB1986 Mon 20-Feb-17 20:20:16

I've just seen your pics! Congratulations xx

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