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ovulation early???

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harrypotternerd Thu 16-Feb-17 04:37:02

I have been using the CB ovulation monitor. I am on CD 10 today. I started testing as per instructions on CD 7. I had negative on CD7 and 8 and did not test yesterday and today I got a peak reading, does that mean ovulation will happen in the next 12 - 24 hours? Isn't it a little early?

harrypotternerd Thu 16-Feb-17 04:52:19

I have a 25 - 26 day cycle and just did another test with the other CB monitor i had from last month and it came up with low fertility although it was done in the afternoon (im in Australia) I am so confused.

Chinnygirl Thu 16-Feb-17 04:59:16

Some people ovulate late, some early. It isn't a rule that you ovulate 14 days before your period starts. Fyi my luteal phase is 16-18 days. You should track it for a few months before you know how your body works.

Or go with the flow if you want to get pregnant. That messes your body up anyhow.

Chinnygirl Thu 16-Feb-17 05:01:11

It actually doesn't sound that early. If you ovulate on day ten and have a period two weeks later at day 25 then it sounds like your luteal phase is pretty normal at 15 days.

harrypotternerd Thu 16-Feb-17 05:16:59

thank you! it's just so confusing with contradicting advice. I have the symptoms of ovulation (sore breasts, a few cramps yesterday) but CM was not EW (sorry for tmi) and I didnt get high before getting the peak then tested again this afternoon and it was low so have no idea lol

Chinnygirl Thu 16-Feb-17 05:25:40

I've never recognised EW and I have been pregnant a couple of times (no children though). Don't worry about it too much. Everybody (every body) is different imo.

Chinnygirl Thu 16-Feb-17 05:26:29

You can have extra sex just in case if it is to get pregnant.

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