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TTC after T21 pregnancy- anyone done it

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Gurraun Wed 15-Feb-17 15:36:06

I'm 40 this year and have been ttc dc3. I had an early mc in the summer and very sadly a later loss as the baby had t21 (awaiting cryto genetics but probably age related).

We are unsure if we can face ttc again but I want to explore my options. Is there anyway I can find out if I've been a bit unlucky or if all my eggs are duff (consultant said 2% chance of recurrence). I have heard of waiting 3 months and taking 5mg folic acid and co-enzyme q10 to maybe help avoid further chromosome issues.

Has anyone conceived a healthy baby after a t21 baby - especially at more advanced age and what advice did you get/follow. Or did sadly lightening strike twice for anyone?

Thanks - sad and confused and just want a rainbow 😕

WelshMammy123 Wed 15-Feb-17 16:26:23


I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. I sadly had a tfmr in October due to a lethal skeletal dysplasia so I know how heartbreaking it is. We also had a MMC in April of last year. We have our consultants appointment in a few weeks to talk through post mortem results for our little girl born in October but the initial cvs suggested it wasn't hereditary - just one of those tragic things. I'm 37 so a few years younger but no one mentioned age being a factor to me. Did they say it could be to you?

In terms of egg quality have you read 'it starts with an egg'? That book has lots of advice on improving egg quality etc. I take ubiquinol as read good things about that. I was also advised to take baby aspirin due to previous losses.

Chances are it's probably just one of those awful things that has happened for no good reason at all. Do you have a follow up with your consultant booked in?

Are you on the ARC forum? That might be a good place to ask your original questions as well xx

Gurraun Wed 15-Feb-17 17:53:50

Thank you and sorry for your losses. I will have a look at 'it starts with an egg'. Unfortunately the risk of t21 (Down's syndrome) increases with age - the consultant was quite gunho (it's still only a 2% chance) but having had the stats work against me once I suddenly don't think they look so great. I have no follow up - she just said crack on if that is what you decide.
I joined Arc and posted but no replies so far.

Thanks again for replying and good luck

curliegirlie Thu 16-Feb-17 09:05:28

Were you offered genetic counselling? If not, it may give you a few answers. I was offered this after DD1 was born, but turned it down, so I don't know exactly what they say/do.

I am ttc DC2 and DD1 (18 months) has Down's Syndrome. I completely understand your fears about it happening again (I thought I remember reading in Down's Syndrome Association literature that the chance in a subsequent pregnancy was 1 in 100, but can't find that stat now, so maybe I imagined it!). In one sense I'm not afraid of another child with DS, as DD1 is an absolute delight, has no health problems, and I know that her friends who have had heart defects have come out the other side thriving, despite some obviously pretty scary times earlier on. But on the other hand, one of our reasons for wanting to increase our family is so that DD will have someone to look out for her when we're not around or are unable to. So I think it would come as a blow in that sense if history repeated itself (although I wouldn't terminate for DS - my life would just become even more complicated!). I do know that I won't be able to relax next pregnancy and that it will be a tough 9 months.....

With DD we didn't know until after the birth - my chances from NT and combined bloods was one in 1,900, so we had the joy of being asked 5 hours after she was born, if we'd 'noticed' anything about our gorgeous daughter and having her 'dysmorphic' features being pointed out by a consultant with no bedside manner. Next time round I want to have a NIPT done to get a more accurate chance figure (but I wouldn't want to have an amnio or cvs)....

We've been ttc for 4 months now. DD took 16 months so I'm not expecting it to be a quick process and know nothing's guaranteed. I'm trying to look up n the positive side about it taking a while - at least there'll be more chance of DD being able to walk by the time her brother or sister comes along!

Good luck!

Gurraun Thu 16-Feb-17 18:17:09

Thank you curliest girlie. We weren't offered genetic counselling- they were very nice but the attitude seemed to be that it is just one of those things. I guess that may change if genetic testing shows a translocation but doubt it will. Good luck ttc dc2

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