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What did implantation feel like for you?

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OnNaturesCourse Wed 15-Feb-17 14:56:41

I have a funny little pinching feeling on my right side below hip height and just above my pelvic bone. Its right in the middle of my right side if that makes sense. Its not sore but its there. Wonder if it could be?! But my sensible head says gas, bowels... But ive had problems like that before n theyve felt different. Im 8dpo but had BFN on IC yesterday (impatient) What else could it be? What did implantation feel like for you? Ive had this about a day

Micycle Wed 15-Feb-17 19:37:03

Firstly grin stop testing early. You only end up wasting money and disappointing yourself!

Implantation has ranged between agonising mid month period to that pinch in the pelvis/hip area for me. I've had implantation bleeding too and noticed dramatic changes in consistency of discharge. However, I've never managed a successful pregnancy, so it may not feel like it does to me for other people!

FellOutOfBed2wice Wed 15-Feb-17 19:43:43

With DD1 I felt nothing whatsoever. With DD2 I felt like someone had punched me in the womb and this continued over and over all afternoon and ended up with horrible period pains, me taking feminax and having a lie down!! 10 days later I had a positive pregnancy test. Very odd.

Boltoncasey24 Wed 15-Feb-17 20:51:05

Like a needle stabbing me every couple of seconds from inside wasn't pleasant!x

Oysterbabe Wed 15-Feb-17 20:51:58

I didn't feel a thing.

Presh88 Wed 15-Feb-17 21:15:12

It felt like 30mins or so of cramping then a sharp pinching similar to how you describe. I got a Very faint BFP 3 days later so leave it a few days then test

DramaAlpaca Wed 15-Feb-17 21:18:05

I didn't feel implantation with any of my pregnancies, but I did 'just know' I was pregnant very early all three times.

OnNaturesCourse Wed 15-Feb-17 22:38:02

My pain has stopped so assuming gas or something 😞👊

haveacupoftea Wed 15-Feb-17 23:31:16

I didnt feel anything.

Parastars Thu 16-Feb-17 15:55:09

I have had some pinching. Had what I thought was my period starting the evening of 9dpo, still bleeding the morning of 10dpo and then nothing since apart from a bit of pink mucus. I'm now 11dpo...has anyone had anything like this and got a bfp? Or is it just an early period? TTC is confusing!

MrsCharlieD Fri 17-Feb-17 08:33:21

Ds1 I felt nothing, this time I had some cramping but I cannot be sure that was implantation, I'm just surmising.

GreedyDuck Fri 17-Feb-17 11:21:03

I haven't felt a thing on any of the four occasions I've conceived.

Snifftest Sat 18-Feb-17 11:39:51

I didn't feel anything. Did have IB 12dpo though. Didn't get a positive for 4 days after that though.

AmyB1986 Sat 18-Feb-17 14:22:39

This time round implantation was really painful. I said to my friend I thought I might be pg just because of the amount of pain I was in. It went right down my left leg like in my thigh. Felt ver much like sciatica and then the back pain started. By the time I tested the leg pain had gone but the back ache persisted and is still there, I just had period type cramps every now and again. I tested a week ago on Sunday.

BabytoBoris Sat 18-Feb-17 22:15:08

Didn't feel a thing. sorry. I had no symptoms at all until I was about 14 weeks pg.

mistletoeprickles Sun 19-Feb-17 07:11:00

With DD it was agony. I didn't know that's what it was at the time but nu god I've never felt pain like it.
Pregnancy no 2 which resulted in a loss I had a lot of pinching on one side.
This pregnacy (15+3) I felt absolutely nothing! Only reason I tested was because I was taking clomid which gave me an exact 35 day cycle and I was 4 days late.

Every pregnacy in every person is different

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