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Rough idea of costs?

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Jetcatblackcat Wed 15-Feb-17 10:39:23

Hi all, I'm a name changer but long time mnetter.

I've been trying to get a rough idea of costs of donor conception both here and abroad, but I am getting really confused!

I have a price from a clinic in Copenhagen for approx €950 - I think that is just for the sperm? Or do they do insertion as well?

To compare, there is a price on the London Woman's Clinic for around £900 (I think, it's been a while since I checked) - then I think I would need to pay for extra on top of that? As in consultations, IUI etc?

I have 2 children already, but I'm now early 40s and happily single so looking to try to add to my family. I know the chances are quite low, but I think I'll regret it if I don't at least try.

I'm very new to all of this, so if anyone could explain it to me in very easy terms I would be really grateful smile

HopingForALittleOne Thu 16-Feb-17 22:15:38


I am on a really helpful friendly thread on mumsnet and I'm sure we can pool our experience to help you

#makeithappen TTC through Donor IUI or Donor IVF or just undecided – all welcome!

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