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How long did it take you to conceive after coming off of the pill? (Zelleta)

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TobleroneBoo Wed 15-Feb-17 09:55:38


DP & I plan to start TTC soon. I have been on one pill or another for 4 + years but I am currently on Zelletta & have been on that for the longest.

How long did it take you to conceive after coming off the pill?


thethoughtfox Wed 15-Feb-17 10:17:53

Wait till you get your first period to start trying to to work things out. It took 3 months for that to happen to me and then we got pregnant the next month. If we hadn't waited to see when that period was, I would have had 3 months or disappointment and thinking I might be pregnant.

TobleroneBoo Wed 15-Feb-17 10:57:41

That makes sense, thanks fox

Emma2803 Wed 15-Feb-17 11:46:06

I was on cerazette I've just stopped it a few days ago and it's the same drug as zeletta. Their is another thread "stopped mini pill still no period" you might be interested in!! I am following it too. Hopefully it won't take too long for periods to regulate again!! I stopped mine now with the hope of ttc from april. I was on yasmin (combined pill) before and it took 7 weeks for af to come back when we were trying for our first and I got pregnant next cycle. Though it took 3 weeks to ovulate as I was doing opk

user1483387154 Wed 15-Feb-17 11:52:38

I was on cerazette and got pregnant 3 days after stopping taking it. No period at all

KW89 Sat 18-Feb-17 23:48:54

I was on the pill (first cerazette, then zelletta whenever it changed over) for 8 years, when I first came off it took 6 months to conceive DS1.
I stopped taking it again and took 3weeks to conceive DS2.
Currently trying to conceive our last baby (had MC in November, took 5weeks to conceive) have been trying since MC, but no luck yet. Xx

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