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Clear blue advanced monitor questions

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Prosandconsandjustnotready Tue 14-Feb-17 22:05:23

I have PCOS and have had numerous IVF/FET cycles. Currently in between treatment so thought in Dec I'd get the CB monitor.

1st cycle I got high from day 11 (started testing day 6) and peak on day 18. I have a 35-40 day cycle

This month it wanted tests from day 9. Still on low on day 14?

Is it just getting used to me?
Was the first month just a trial where it said high on the days it thought I may be high or was it actually detecting a hormone that meant high fertility ?

I do not have high LH levels so am ok with opks unusually for someone with PCOS so do t think that's affecting it?
Just a bit confused

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