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Implantation issues?

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Kohi36 Tue 14-Feb-17 19:39:17

Hey everyone,

First post on conception forum. My husband and I decided to start ttc #2 in December. I think I ovulated around Christmas Eve/ Christmas Day. I started to get a lot of pregnancy symtoms identical to when we conceived on my son. I was nauseous, boobs got bigger, couldn't stomach my coffee anymore, started waking in the night to pee, starred craving certain foods. I www certain I was pregnant but was getting bfn on tests. Around 2 days before my period was due the pregnancy symptoms dissappeared and my period arrived bang on time. My period www quite painful and there were some clots which is unusual for me. I've never experienced anything like this before. Is this an implantation issue. I had to have a d&c 4 years ago due to retained placenta and also had a laparotomy surgery over a year ago to remove an ovarian cyst and ovarian. I'be been googling and I noticed some women can have implantation issues after d&c's/ abdominal surgery. Has anyone any experience of this or can offer any advice? Worried the removal or my left ovary has caused my fertility to nose dive. Appreciate any advice thanks

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