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24 day cycle, less than ideal relationship, years of infertility and miscarriages

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PlayOnWurtz Tue 14-Feb-17 17:06:47

And this pops up on Valentine's day. I'm not getting excited yet as I'm only 2 days late and I have a history of miscarriages between 5 and 9 weeks but I need to tell someone!

GreedyDuck Tue 14-Feb-17 17:32:50

Cautious congratulations!?! Fingers crossed for a sticky one.

I also got a faint bfp today after a (second) mmc in December.

PlayOnWurtz Tue 14-Feb-17 17:46:14

Thank you. And congratulations to you too. I've joined the October group but I doubt I'll post much until I know it's safe

PlayOnWurtz Wed 15-Feb-17 07:23:12

So I did an fmu test just now (yesterday's was straight in from work) and the line is so feint. It's still there but nowhere near as strong so I'm going to assume this one's going to go the same way as the others sad

ethelfleda Wed 15-Feb-17 07:44:17

Morning wurtz! Did you use the same brand this morning as you used last night? x

PlayOnWurtz Wed 15-Feb-17 07:53:02

Yes it was a 2 pack so same batch too

ethelfleda Wed 15-Feb-17 07:57:50

That looks ever so slightly darker than the first to me?

ethelfleda Wed 15-Feb-17 08:00:34

Hcg levels take 2 to 3 days to double don't they? Have you tried a digital? At least then you'll get a 'pregnant' or 'not pregnant' and won't need to judge it based on how faint it is. Fingers crossed this is a nice strong sticky bean for you x

Roseandbee Wed 15-Feb-17 23:59:37

The second looks darker to me? Also it can depend on the dilution of your sample. I know it's hard when you've had a tough time before but I don't see anything to loose hope over yet. Everything crossed for you flowers

pillowcase6 Thu 16-Feb-17 04:22:55

The second one looks darker to me too. Hang in there!

PlayOnWurtz Thu 16-Feb-17 15:02:21

Thank you. I'm just so paranoid. I've been put on aspirin and progesterone gel by the consultant before so I went and got a prescription from the gp today. Fingers crossed it helps!

ethelfleda Thu 16-Feb-17 16:15:15

Hope it all works for you and keep us updated!

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